Vision and Development

“According to the Congressional Research Service, the duties of members of the House … include representation, legislation, and constituent service and education, as well as political and electoral activities. “

Dr. Zigmond “Ziggy” Kozicki

~New Vision for the 4th U.S. Congressional District~

Since February 2018, I have traveled over 11, 000 miles and my wife, Stephanie, and I have talked to over two thousand people in the 4th US Congressional District. Many people have told me that they are concerned about our government. Most people want to see a change in the government. They keep telling me we need new people with better ideas. They have told me that the corruption in our government is unacceptable. They tell me that when the current Congressman John Moolenaar refuses to meet with them and avoids answering their questions they feel disrespected. People have not lost faith in our country but unfortunately they are no longer trusting some elected representatives.

I decided to run for U.S. Congress after Stephanie and I completed research on the 2017 Republican Tax Plan. This tax plan gives about one trillion dollars to wealthy people and corporations with no reasonable way to pay for this diversion of our tax dollars. This fiscal mistake is contributing to Medicare cuts which will lead to the unacceptable closure of 54 Michigan hospitals. It will require more money being borrowed by the U.S. Government from the Social Security Trust Fund. Interest rates will rise and inflation will cause uncertainty. After this next election we all begin to pay the government for this fiscal mistake. The annual service fee on our runaway National Debt of over twenty-one trillion USD is $310 Billion. The interest on the U.S. debt consumes 7.4 percent of the FY 2018 U.S. federal budget. No wonder we don’t have adequate funding for roads, health care, education, public health, and public safety.

The future for the Mid-Michigan region can improve when a new aggressive congressman promotes the people and resources of this region. The 4th Congressional District is an incredible agriculture area. Yet many farmers face impending insolvency. Michigan has access to about 21% of the world’s fresh water yet not enough is done to leverage water resource to create new jobs and improve economic conditions. What is even worse is that every day we see more of our drinking water threatened by contaminants because Republicans are eliminating environmental regulations.

I accept that climate change will provide an opportunity for Michigan to gain millions of new high technology jobs when people are forced to relocate if we begin preparing for this transformation now. We must make education for children and adults a lifelong affordable experience to give them the skills necessary to work in a global economy. I will promote the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure to create millions of good paying jobs. I propose the Federal Government begin an incremental offering of Medicare to all Americans. It is time to end gerrymandering. Let’s legalize cannabis. Learn more about my campaign by continuing to check in to this Vision page, as well as following me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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