Zigmond A. Kozicki cares about people and his community. He is a husband and father. He is a first generation American. He comes from a working class family who proved the American Dream is still possible.

His professional role currently includes serving as a university associate professor, psychotherapist, researcher and expert consultant. His life development includes a many professional roles and a lengthy ongoing education in which he earned a doctorate, two master’s degrees and a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University. Fire Up Chips! His wife, Stephanie, has a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine form Michigan State University. Go Green! Together they have been an exceptional population health research team. They present nationally and internationally and are involved in water quality matters, violence prevention, substance abuse prevention and promoting health care accessibility.

Their children also strive to be exceptional contributors to society. Rashad, has a Masters from Rice University and is completing studies to earn a PhD. Aaron, just graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Central Michigan University. Daughter Kate teaches high school advanced placement classes and is a Michigan State graduate. Benjamin is also completing his PhD at Rice University. Ziggy knows that being a parent prepares a person to serve others.

Ziggy feels passionately about serving his constituents if elected. Representing and sticking up for people is what Ziggy wants to do for the people of Michigan. He sees that problems in America need to be solved with careful evidenced based thinking. He recognizes that a good representative listens and consider the needs of People First. His focus is on improving government. His goals include promoting families, children, educators, health care workers, farmers, laborers, aspiring students, apprentices and the business community to achieve success. He is concerned about the vulnerable people among us. He wants to lift up all working class of Americas by advocating for a living wage. A vote for Ziggy is a vote to put people first.


Ziggy has been serving his community in a number of ways throughout his life. As a community organizer he developed youth baseball and hockey programs. He also served on a school board and as a city commissioner. Ziggy has been involved in preventing community violence, treating mental illness, substance abuse, obesity, diabetes, motor vehicle and work related injuries. Amongst his professional experiences he has been a social worker, employee assistance professional and psychologist. He developed population health programs that prevented illness and promotes wellness. His research activity includes water quality, violence prevention, motor vehicle accident survivors and transforming failing hospitals into population health centers.

One of Ziggy’s most recent endeavors was to work with community leaders in Saginaw Michigan to significantly reduce violent crime. The award winning documentary film “Saginaw Rising” which has been enshrined in the Library of Congress describes the problem and solutions. To view the documentary go to Culture Unplugged, click the link below!

Stephanie and Family

Stephanie was born and raised in Bay City, Michigan, the eldest of five children.  She graduated as valedictorian from T.L. Handy High and went on to Delta College, Central Michigan University, and Michigan State University earning a bachelor’s degree and doctorate in veterinary medicine.  Stephanie was a college educator for 20 years and is currently working in a research capacity at Central Michigan University.  She is also the attending veterinarian for Saginaw Valley State University.  Like Ziggy, Stephanie has an interest in public health and social justice. 

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